HeadlineHunter – Catch the World's Headlines

Catch the World's Headlines.
Instantly. In 70+ Languages.

HeadlineHunter is an AI-driven web application that enables you to discover latest headlines in more than 70 languages.
Search in English – Let our unique AI Global Search catch news without language boundaries.

Why HeadlineHunter

Discover news globally.
Reach Information Leadership.

HeadlineHunter's AI technologies are built for getting the maximum possible benefit out of the vast amount of cross-language information on the internet – Fully covering the last 14 days.

AI Global Search

Use Artificial Intelligence.
Find the Unfindable.

HeadlineHunter monitors countless online sources in 70+ languages and translates every detected headline into English. Use our unique AI Global Search technology to access information even in languages you don't understand. E.g. if a Chinese, Russian, English, Spanish or other-language source publishes a headline that matches your interest, you can catch and understand it immediately.

Headline Streams

Stream Headlines.
Out-inform Competition.

Custom Headline Streams enable continuous monitoring of specific topics that matter for your business. Every Headline Stream will use the power of AI Global Search and covers news agencies, Twitter, Reddit and other news sources around the world. Our customizable alerting system ensures that you never miss important information. And that you always know more than your competitors.

AI Data Insights

Decisions made easier.
And faster. And better.

The unique combination of AI Global Search and custom Headline Streams will enrich your decision process in a way never seen before. The intuitive HeadlineHunter Web Dashboard lets you easily access your Headline Streams and appropriate AI Data Insights including convincing visualizations right in your browser. Improve your decisions at a glance thanks to automated Credibility Rating, Sentiment Score and powerful filters.

Our Partners

We partner with many major organisations in Austria and Europe.

Use Cases

Your HeadlineHunter.
Special possibilities.

🌐 Tailored monitoring of your topic of interest in 70+ languages
🤑 Latest cryptocurrency news and mood-based course predictions
📈 Worldwide trading news, analyst ratings and M&A-events in real time
🔍 Journalistic investigation including AI-based credibility ratings

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